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‘Influence of Leadership Behaviors at Workplace’ Management Research (Research Paper Sample)


Write a 1-page essay on the topic ‘Influence of Leadership Behaviors at Workplace’ explaining: - how a leader’s behavior influences employees working environment; - why it is necessary to have a good leadership style at work place. Cite outside information. Two scholarly sources should be incorporated in the body of the paper and included in the Reference page. A failure to cite outside information equals to plagiarism that result in a failed assignment.


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The purpose of this paper is to look at how a leader’s behavior influences employees working environment. It further discusses leadership behaviors in two ways: constructive feedback and communication at work. The study indicates that factors, such as leadership rewarding behavior, workers morale, behavior, and morale at the workplace determine a business’s success or failure. Various methods are involved to evaluate the outcome.
The outcome shows clearly how leadership behavior towards employees’ determines performance hence business its progress. Employees’ opinion on equality and morale at the workplace directly shows their relationship with leadership.
Conceivable weaknesses, such as, failure to make instrumental suggestions and dishonesty are the shortcomings related to this study. There are consequences ever since pleasing employees alone is not adequate to grow job performance. Rather, leaders must guarantee that employees who achieve goals view their unexpected reward practices as equitable. Up until now, the study on the effects of leader reward behavior is still limited.

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