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Impacts of Technology on Human Life Management Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


I was to research and write on the Impacts of Technology on Human Life. I was also to format the paper in harvard style.
I noted that through e-learning learners could spend less money buy studying at home and reducing paper work through use of computers and phones to store notes. Businesses have also flourished as a result of e-COMMERCE. mobile banking and electronic money TRANSFER have made doing business safer and faster. Some negative impacts noted include expensive gadgets and loss of jobs due to automation. Nowadays robots and computers can do jobs that hundreds of people could be tasked to do. this is a remarkable demerit.


By (Students Name)
Impacts of Technology on Human Life
Recent innovations in information technology are bringing numerous effects across various domains of human activities. Technological discoveries have significant advantages but may pose challenges when applied maliciously. Today, above mentioned innovations are being embraced in all sectors of human life since they bring effectiveness and efficiency in industries applied. Currently, people appreciate that the application of technology is a mandatory for life and a sign of cultural awareness of the society. They have positive significant roles as a need in today’s era where they are incorporated in all walks of life. The use of technology attracts concerns in the speed at which it spreads and used, as well as negative effects to vulnerable users. The following are positive and negative impacts of technology to human life which raises user’s awareness of effective use of modern technologies.
One of the many positive effects of technology include introduction of e-learning in education. Students use computers to access internet from which tutors give instructions on subject pursuing. Furthermore, there is use of projectors, e-books, and video tutorials for learners to watch (Korunka & Hoonakker, 2014, p. 23). E-commerce is another impact of technology on human life. More in the category encompass electronic money transfer, inventory systems, and automated data analysis. Today, there is social networking as a result of the use of e-mails, social network platforms, and existing smartphones. The aforementioned communication channels save more time since they enable connections to large group of people. Technology enhances online play games, watching or listening to news, and chatting, there is proper utilization of free time. In addition to above mentioned positive effects, technology enhances the banking sector. Through mobile banking and automated teller machines (A.T.M), cash withdrawal has been simplified and made convenient.

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