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Leadership and Change Management. Management Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Leadership and Change Management


Leadership and Change Management
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Leadership and Change Management
The importance of change to an organization cannot be overstated, be it in terms of total quality management, restructuring, cultural change, and turnaround there ought to be proper structuring to facilitate the process. In recent years, we have noted big corporations making changes in how business is conducted to help them manoeuvre the new, ever challenging market environment. With their continued drive to achieve the same, some change related issues or rather problems have been able to be identified as obstacles towards this much-needed change for the organizations. As these organizations strive to implement change, employees often adopt some sort of resistance towards the changes being implemented as a result of various factors that will be discussed later.
It is important to appreciate the role played by leadership in change management. Leadership is the ability or the action of leading a group of people or individuals in a set up so as to direct their attention on the problems that the leader considers important. The role of leadership, therefore relates to the decisional, and interpersonal processes. Due to increased attention focused on the heightened levels relationship dynamics in the work place, an upcoming interest towards the need to explore how leadership relates to change management with the view that change is a constant fracture within the organization. Resistance to change impedes its efficiency and sustainability according to (Hayes, 2007)

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