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Relationship Between Poor Academic Performance and Disturbed Sleep (Research Paper Sample)


This paper was an INVESTIGATION on the topic of sleep disturbances. Particularly it addresses THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN POOR ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE AND DISTURBED SLEEP AFFECTING, PREADOLESCENTS, ADOLESCENTS, AND EMERGING ADULTS’ AGE SET OF LEARNERS. This COMMENCES with an introduction that gives a background of the problem, clearly stating the position of the paper.


ENGL 102
Poor Sleeping Patterns Lead to Poor Performance Introduction
Humans need sleep to function and most will spend a third of their lifetime sleeping. The quantity of sleep a human gets has a bearing on their physical and mental health poor quality which leads to deteriorating cognitive and physical health. The right quality boosts the immune system by revitalizing the body and mind ensuring reduced stress levels, regeneration, repairing, and production of new cells (Robbins 304). It is equally important to note that excessive sleep beyond the recommended seven to eight hours for adults is not particularly healthy and may be a symptom of poor physical and mental health. Studies on different segments of the population worldwide have revealed that sleep disturbances and disorders are affecting many more people than previously thought (Ferrie 1431). Learners from pre-adolescents, adolescents, and emerging adults are groupings in need of adequate sleep. Studies have revealed that the core factors contributing to sleep disturbances in the identified age groups of learners are internet addiction, social media, and violence (Ekinci, Özalp, et al 124; Bener 963; Tereshchenko 13; Shalini et. al 957; Levenson 40). It is evident that a relationship exists between poor academic performance and disturbed sleep and this relationship has been extensively studied and accounted for. However, there needs to be a shift from quantifying to generating solutions to the problem of sleep disturbances among the identified age groups of learners. Consequently, there is a need for more studies generating solutions at scientific, policy, and curriculum levels. In essence, there is a need for more studies where students who are exposed to sleep disturbance factors such as prolonged internet use, or violence are subjected to targeted interventions with a view of getting them to get adequate sleep and perform better. Research on sleep disturbances affecting the identified grouping of learners should also emphasize improving the learner’s ability to self-regulate their internet use to get adequate sleep hours that will be crucial for their cognitive development and performance.
This essay will commence with an introduction that gives a background of the problem, clearly stating the position of the paper. It will 

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