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Leadership experience Health, Medicine, Nursing Research Proposal (Research Proposal Sample)


Nursing is a practice discipline that includes direct and indirect care activities that affect health outcomes. As a baccalaureate nursing student, you are developing new competencies in leadership, and in order to achieve mastery, you must apply those competencies to live practice experiences and situations. This Leadership Learning Experience (LLE) is designed to allow you to choose a clinical focus (e.g., practice, policy, education, population) in which you apply your leadership problem–solving skills. The LLE requires engagement with other people within the setting to complete.

You will develop a project within a practice setting that allows you to develop these leadership skills. You will identify a problem area in a practice setting that you specifically want to address (e.g., practice, policy, population, education) that aligns with organizational priorities. Example sources for the problem area may include the following:
• Practice: joint commission standards, core measures as quality indicators, other data
• Policy: legislation, staffing ratio, regulations from state boards
• Population: children with diabetes, adult obesity
• Education: future of nursing, Benner’s recommendations about nursing education
You will focus on a real-life solution for the problem. You should choose a topic that is timely, manageable, and realistic to the current healthcare environment. An external resource person (i.e., manager, clinical leader, clinical educator, policy expert, or population expert) must confirm the relevance of the selected project and your engagement in the setting as part of project completion. As with all projects, you should think how you, as a nurse, function in the following roles: detective, scientist, and manager of the healing environment.


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Adult obesity
Adult obesity is a condition that is characterized by an accumulation of excessive fat in the body in adults. This fat causes a huge risk to other diseases in adults such as diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney failure, heart attack among others. In adults, the classification of obesity is done using a weight-for-height measure known as body mass index (BMI). The World Health Organization (WHO) defines adult obesity as having a BMI equal to or greater than 30 (Simmonds, Llewellyn, Owen & Woolacott, 2016). Obesity is an overwhelming healthcare problem that has been on the rise, not only in the United States (US) but also throughout the globe. It has been affecting populations over the years as a precursor of several non-communicable diseases. Several studies project that adult obesity leads to more deaths globally than underweight (Flegal, Kruszon-Moran, Carroll, Fryar & Ogden, 2016). Several pieces of research have been done on adult obesity yet the prevalence still escalates. This proposal has been done to further address the situation and come up with an amicable implementation plan.
Between the years 1975 and 2016, there was a huge increase in obesity prevalence. In the year 2016, the number of adults diagnosed with overweight hit the 1.9billion button. Of these, 650 million (13%) individuals were obese (Ogden, Carroll, Fryar & Flegal, 2015). The rate of obesity in the US has passed the 40% mark and hit 42.4%. This is an increase of 26% since 2008 (Hales, Carroll, Fryar & Ogden, 2017). By estimation, adult obesity is likely to increase the cost of healthcare by 149 billion dollars yearly (Ogden et al., 2015). Covid-19 is among the health consequences brought forth by adult obesity. Data shows that 42% of US citizens are at an increased risk of acquiring the Corona Virus and the complications of the fatal respiratory disease due to adult obesity (Alamuddin, Bakizada & Wadden, 2016).

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