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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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Overweight, Obesity, and Alternate Day Fasting Health, Medicine Paper (Term Paper Sample)


Assignment guidance
Presentation requirements
Standard ION presentation requirements apply. Use the Assignment Cover Page for your work.
This critical discussion is written essay-style and must include the following components:
Introduction, Aim, Overview, Critical Discussion and Conclusion
This is in two parts - The aim of the critical discussion, and overview of overweight and obesity in
health care and clinical practice.
Aim: This needs to be a concise description of what you are going to be presenting.
A very concise overview of prevalence, incidence and demographics (e.g. gender, age) of overweight
and obesity in your country of residence, annual cost to the NHS (or economy), orthodox treatment
and potential side effects which may lead to seeking low cost safe, effective alternatives. This should
be evidenced (referenced) and should demonstrate your understanding of overweight and obesity in
the context of health care and clinical practice.
Critical Discussion
Use the following prompts to construct sub-headings, pertinent to practice, to help ensure your
critical discussion is systematic and well-structured. Look for themes. You do not need to include all
sub-headings. Seven sub-headings is enough to achieve a first.
• Background (how is ADF defined in the research)
• Safety (consider pregnancy and lactation, other aspects of safety)
• Effectiveness (possibly effective / effective / insufficient reliable evidence to rate)
NT Summative Assessment Brief
• Dose (duration or range of durations at which a response occurs)
• Adverse effects
• Interaction with drugs and/or nutrients and/or foods &/or lifestyle
• Interaction with disease
• Suggested mechanism of action (for weight loss)
• Possible compliance issues
• Any other therapeutic, professional or legal boundaries when working with clients with
overweight or obesity.


Obesity, Overweight and Alternative Day Fasting (ADF)
Student’s Name
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Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc61174725 \h 3Overview of Overweight and Obesity in United Kingdom PAGEREF _Toc61174726 \h 3Critical Discussion PAGEREF _Toc61174727 \h 5Background of ADF PAGEREF _Toc61174728 \h 5Safety of ADF in Treatment of Obesity and Overweight PAGEREF _Toc61174729 \h 5Effectiveness of ADF in Treatment of Obesity and Overweight PAGEREF _Toc61174730 \h 6Suggested Mechanisms of Action for Treatment of Obesity and Overweight PAGEREF _Toc61174731 \h 6Adverse effect of ADF PAGEREF _Toc61174732 \h 6Interaction of ADF and Diseases PAGEREF _Toc61174733 \h 7Dose of ADF PAGEREF _Toc61174734 \h 7Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc61174735 \h 8Reference PAGEREF _Toc61174736 \h 9
Obesity, Overweight and Alternative Day Fasting (ADF)
Obesity and overweight refer to the irregular accumulation of fat, which may trigger health complications among people. It has been identified that individual bodyweight needs to be in correlation with their height. This can be measure by dividing the weight of people by their height (Olsson, 2018). When the ratio exceeds twenty-five and thirty, people are identified to be overweight and obese, respectively. Obesity and overweight are caused by the lack of balance in the energy intake with energy calories used. This may occur where people increase their consumption of energy food and contain a lot of sugar and fat (World Health Organization. (2020). In the United Kingdom, obesity and overweight are considered as a major health issues that government has invested more resources in control (Wang et al., 2011). Among the identified efforts in the control measures of obesity and overweight is Alternative Day Fasting (ADF) (Stekovic et al., 2019). This technique refers to the incident where people are advised to avoid eating for thirty-six hours. This has been considered one of the riskiest diet interventions in treating obesity and overweight, but it has some health benefits (Tripolt et al., 2018)). Researchers have embarked on studying the health benefit of the ADF. This paper critically discusses ADF background, safety, effects, and whether it is effective in treating obesity and overweight in the United Kingdom.
Overview of Overweight and Obesity in United Kingdom
Obesity refers to a complex chronic disease in which excess or anomalous body fat or adiposity impairs health, raises the probability of long-term medical problems, and shortens lifespan. Epidemiologic studies mark out obesity using the body mass index (BMI), which is a function of weight and height (Marques et al., 2018). As such, BMI can be used to define health risks linked to obesity at the population level. Operationally, a person is considered obese if BMI is above 30 kg per square meter (Wharton et al., 2020). According to Wang et al. (2011), adult obesity in the United Kingdom has grown almost four times for the last two and a half decades. More than 60% of adults are either overweight or obese, where only 40 percent of women and 33 percent of men are free from these complications (Marques et al., 2018). It has also been reported that rate of obesity rose from 9.5% to 22.8% and the average years from 33 to 55 (Wharton et al., 2020). These changes indicate that obesity is becoming a major community health issue that ought to be addressed nutritionally because it is largely associated with physiological, biomedical, environmental, and behavioral factors.

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